Demolition and De-Construction
Demolition and De-Construction


MACS Demolition, Remediation & De-Construction

MACS Australia Group is a provider of deconstruction, demolition and remediation services. We serve the resources sector, government sector, industrial sector and other commercial entities.

MACS offer a comprehensive range of integrated capabilities including demolition contracting, dismantling services, decommissioning and hazardous material removal, land remediation, site rehabilitation and site preparation services.

A full spectrum of contracting and consulting services, whether your project involved the removal of a single piece of infrastructure or the reinstatement of an entire industrial site in preparation for redevelopment.


Demolition & De-Construction Services

  • Technically challenging demolition.
  • Have an on-time delivery schedule.
  • Cost savings are just some of the benefits.
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining and Industrial
  • Safe asbestos removal

A complete dismantling and asset recovery service, covering all aspects of dismantling, resale and relocation. Demonstrated experience realising maximum value from a wide range of reusable plant, process equipment and scrap materials and an extensive network of asset resale and resource recovery partners to negotiate the sale of unwanted or disused assets.

Remediation in construction – removal of contaminated wastes or hazardous material such as asbestos from a construction project, site conditions, existing buildings or an adjacent environmental condition.

Deconstruction – dismantling buildings with the goal of maximising the reuse potential of its components. Labour and sometimes mechanical equipment. The components are generally reused and secondly used for recycling. This process generally takes longer than a few weeks.

Demolition – uses mechanical equipment to tear buildings down converting materials with the potential resale value to mixed debris destined for landfill. This process generally takes a few days.

Plant and Equipment – assessment of plant condition and the development of efficient and reliable cost beneficial methods and solutions for current as well as future repairs are mandatory to keep plants in adequate condition and allow owners to plan their budgets. We pride ourselves on having prime physical condition, integrity and safety.

About MACS

MACS Australia Group owns and operates a fleet of state-of-the-art plant and equipment including numerous large excavators and attachments ideal for heavy duty demolition and remediation projects.

We have the capabilities to handle any project and always work with efficiency and safety in mind. Whether it’s a small or large task, our experienced team will complete jobs on time and within budget. Everyone that works for us undergoes comprehensive training to ensure that they have the experience and skill needed to deliver the best results for clients. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards and always provide a standout level of customer service. 

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