What does construction site remediation involve?

January 5, 2021

Construction is already complicated enough, but receiving expert advice is critical when you need to embark on a remediation or demolition project. This is because the work being carried out is often dangerous to workers, the public and the environment. MACS’ highly experienced team offers detailed engineering to safely demolish or alter existing structures, while being experts at removing hazardous waste material, such as asbestos, lead-based paint and synthetic mineral fibre.

As demolition work and the handling of hazardous waste materials is governed by strict laws and regulations, these projects are subject to rigorous procedures that can incur fines if not properly followed. Fortunately, MACS has extensive experience in remediation and demolition, ensuring even the most complex worksite can have its toxic waste and dangerous structures removed safely, effectively and lawfully.

If you choose to work alongside MACS, we offer a wide range of remediation and demolition services, ranging from comprehensive feasibility studies and cost analysis to statutory applications. Our dedicated workers will know exactly how to dispose of your complex waste material, while our demolition crews are second to none.  If you’re ready to safely remove harmful waste or dismantle an unwanted structure, contact our professional team for a detailed quote

Hazardous Waste Removal

Unfortunately, many of the building materials used in the past are now known to be hazardous to humans and the environment. From asbestos and radioactive materials to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), it’s not surprising when these harmful products appear on worksites and in older buildings that require demolition or deconstruction. With both the local government and the broader community especially aware of this kind of dangerous waste, nearby residents, workers and other stakeholders must remain protected at all times.

However, removing these substances can pose a range of different challenges depending on where it’s discovered. For instance, asbestos found in a worksite’s soil can present a great risk if disturbed by construction. But the remediation experts at MACS can ensure your project navigates the intricate removal process. Across a vast range of toxic materials, we can assess the risks, handle site closures and implement a range of preventative measures to keep everyone safe.

Although safety is ultimately paramount, our remediation specialists strive to limit the amount of downtime that occurs during this process. As we carefully organise the planning and execution of any hazardous waste removal, we aim to get your workers back on-site as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Demolition and Deconstruction

Demolition and deconstruction projects are closely related to remediation projects. The team conducting this work must consider a wide range of factors that extend far beyond just the act of removing a building or structure. Surveys may need to be carried out to ensure that no hazardous materials are present, plus nearby buildings and environments must be assessed to ensure they will not be damaged or adversely affected during the demolition process.

MACS can handle demolition projects across a range of different contexts. In the commercial space, we have the skills to lead end-to-end demolition projects involving public infrastructure, heritage-listed buildings and urban high rises. Meanwhile, we also handle large-scale demolition works across the industrial industry, ranging from mine decommissions and non-process infrastructure to the complete removal of storage facilities, gas plants and power stations.

Remediation projects can also involve highly technical deconstruction work. Instead of simply demolishing a building, a specialised team like MACS will strategically remove certain aspects of the structure to allow for refurbishment to take place. Across both urban and industrial contexts, this work ensures vital modifications or upgrades can be carried out. Plus, deconstruction services are an effective approach for salvaging, reusing or recycling as many materials as possible.

Contact the remediation experts

If your project requires an expert remediation team, you can’t look past the renowned professionals at MACS. Featuring over 40 years of construction industry experience, we have the skills to manage complete hazardous waste removal and demolition services for virtually every kind of commercial and industrial project.

Based in Western Australia, MACS has previously partnered with a broad range of government departments, blue-chip companies and commercial institutions to handle their remediation work. Our team is trusted because we consistently prove that we have what it takes to handle complex problems with clear communication and expert guidance. Alongside our in-house engineering team and a superior network of top-notch workers, MACS will take care of your remediation, demolition and deconstruction project safely, effectively and to the agreed deadline.

Ready to find out more? Contact our friendly customer service team for a quote regarding your worksite’s particular needs.