The Advantages of Choosing a Professional Demolition Crew

October 15, 2020

When it comes to construction, choosing a professional team is always key. Doing so will ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards and that it comes in on time and within budget. Demolition is no different. Check out this blog from the team at MACS Australia to learn about the advantages of choosing a professional demolition crew for your next project.

  • Safety

One of the most important things to understand about demolition work is that it is high-risk work. A professional crew can produce methods and risk analysis to ensure that all work carried out meets the required safety standards and risk mitigation controls are applied. This means that staff, visitors, public and neighboring properties, and/or structures will always be accounted for. 

  • Efficiency

If projects being completed on time is important for your operation, then you’ll want to choose a team that is efficient in everything they do. This can come down to the type of machinery that is deployed to the engineered methods and techniques that are adopted. Whether you require a partial demolition in a live environment or an entire structural collapse, a trusted demolition crew will work methodically to accelerate project schedules, without compromising safety.

  • Engineering

The first thing most people think when they see demolition is ‘WOW!’, then comes ‘How easy did that come down!’. The easier and simpler demolition seems, generally means the more behind the scenes work that is required to devise a method strategy that accounts for all site, structure, and environmental factors. A demolition company with its own specialist demolition experienced engineering design team that has access to third party engineering validation is critical to the successful safe delivery of a demolition project.

  • Waste Management

A major component of demolition is the waste material that is produced through the demolition process. Importantly given the age and era of most structures being demolished today, hazardous materials management, forms a major part of demolition and ties in with how waste materials will be proactively dealt with to provide a sustainable approach. Having a contractor that has an experienced management team with an understanding of waste, hazardous materials, and potential recycling and reuse initiatives will allow for a green-friendly project allowing the diversion of waste materials from landfills.

  • Project Management

Good project management is dependent on communication and an understanding of all stakeholder requirements. The prepared, knowledgeable, and professional management team will be able to collaborate at all levels to get the job done and provide a solutions based approach to all challenges that may arise.

  • Costing & Estimates

Everybody understands the importance of meeting a budget. With an inexperienced team, you run the risk of costs blowing out due to unassessed project requirements, faulty machinery, and ineffective methods. Problems can quickly escalate and equipment can break down. Damage can be caused to other structures, neighboring properties, or the public and can end up costing you a lot more money than you anticipated.

Demolition and hazardous removal services that you can rely on

If you’re looking to work with a professional demolition team, then we can help. MACS Australia offers a range of turnkey demolition and decommissioning services tailored to the individual project requirements of each client.

We can help with commercial and industrial demolition, deconstruction, feasibility studies, hazardous removal and remediation, recycling and resource recovery, engineering plus more.

Why choose to work alongside MACS Australia?

MACS Australia Group delivers high-quality construction, demolition, and maintenance services to municipal, commercial, and resource clients across Western Australia.

Look to us for a standout level of support and advice across all projects. MACS operates in a way that is professional and reliable, so you can rest assured that all your needs will be met with ease.

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