Common excavator and digger attachments

February 23, 2021

When it comes to breaking new ground on a worksite, there’s a good chance you’re going to need a specific excavator attachment to get the job done. Fortunately, modern diggers offer a variety of different attachments to suit just about any kind of application. With individual excavator attachments featuring different specifications and capabilities, making sure you know which one is best for the job at hand is hugely important.Whether you’re operating in the civil, industrial, mining or commercial sectors, MACS offers a range of high-quality construction equipment for hire. As we only work with leading manufacturers in the space, our lineup of heavy-duty equipment is perfect for a wide variety of tasks. Our premium excavator hire service ensures your team can complete their job to the highest safety, both in terms of quality and safety. Contact our expert staff to find out how our diggers will get your worksite operating at peak performance. Meanwhile, we can make sure you work with the ideal digger attachments to save time, money and effort. Reach out for a comprehensive quote and start digging as soon as possible.

What are the most common types of digger attachments?

For many worksites that require diggers, you’re going to need more than just your standard bucket. Here, we outline a selection of the most common excavator attachments to ensure you overcome any challenges you encounter on-site.

General-Purpose Bucket

With general-purpose buckets often coming included with a new digger, this is the excavator attachment that most workers are going to be familiar with. Although their design is relatively simple, general-purpose buckets can be used for a variety of jobs, including earthmoving, truck loading, grading and removing debris. These general-purpose digger attachments might typically have light breakout force, but they are great for quickly covering a large area to maximise productivity on your worksite.

Rock Bucket

Rock buckets are similar in design to general-purpose buckets, but they have a few vital differences. This type of digger attachment is specifically designed to work in demanding environments, with the addition of robust teeth to its bucket meaning you can perforate incredibly tough surfaces to clear out any rubble. Whether you need to rapidly move material off-site or shift debris from one spot to another, rock buckets are produced with strength and durability in mind to handle even the most abrasive conditions.

4-in-1 Bucket

More complex jobs demand a more complicated excavator attachment. This is where 4-in-1 buckets come in handy, as they smartly combine a standard bucket with a digger, a clamp and a grader. In addition, they also often feature serrated edges so you can better grip onto tricky materials. The flexible design of a 4-in-1 bucket means you have plenty of options for mobility. You can catch rocks and other material between each side of the open bucket, while these sharp edges can also function as a convenient dozer blade.


For a job that involves formidable rock and concrete, a hammer digger attachment is the easiest way to crush difficult materials. With these kinds of hydraulic jackhammers having undergone a range of improvements over the years, some of these excavator attachments feature sound dampening and remarkably durable designs. MACS can supply a digger hammer for a variety of applications such as demolition, excavation, trenching and asphalt cutting.

Grapples & Grabs

Grapples and grabs are also types of digger attachment that you’ll find on countless worksites around the country. While certain kinds of buckets and other excavator attachments make it possible to seize onto materials, specially designed grapples provide capacity to move and load materials and debris that just to awkward for a bucket so you can effectively finish the job. Grabs also come with a different number of fingers, typically ranging from four to seven depending on the kind of grip you need.

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