4 things to look out for in a building fit-out project

January 15, 2021

A fresh building fit-out can lead a business to success, with a well-designed project dramatically improving productivity and serving as somewhere special to bring clients and stakeholders. Although planning, building and launching a building fit-out is an exciting time, you might soon find yourself making costly renovations if you rush this process.

So before you engage design and construction specialists, there are a few considerations you must nail down to maximise the final outcome. From crucial design elements to health and safety concerns, you want to have a detailed understanding of your needs before moving forward. Once these have been established, then you can contact an expert design and construction team like MACS.

Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the following things when starting a building-out. Then, reach out to our friendly team to receive professional guidance and a detailed quote. For over 40 years, MACS has led commercial and government buildings projects to success.

Plan for future growth

One of the most important things to determine when planning a building fit-out is how your business will look in the future. This is because it’s undoubtedly bad for business if you have to think about expanding or moving soon after you’ve just completed extensive construction work.

As a business grows, employing more staff is almost always necessary. This is why you may have to factor in additional office space, meeting rooms and bathroom facilities, even if you don’t need them right now. However, adopting a flexible mindset that allows for individual spaces to be used for a range of purposes means you can ensure more space is functional long into the future.

You’ll also want to speak directly to your team on the ground about what they need. As the head of the company, you might know what you can afford, but you should always strive to understand worker demands at all levels. With this approach, you can decide what infrastructure is absolutely vital.

This process provides a good starting point as you can weigh up the space required for staff, machinery, data centres and storage. Meanwhile, you should also consider emerging trends, technologies and sustainability features destined to become standard in years to come.

Implement flexible design

It doesn’t matter whether you’re organising a building fit-out for an office, a school or a recreational centre, ensuring your building adapts to a range of different needs is a great benefit. However, achieving this is easier said than done as these flexible spaces shouldn’t try and do too many things at once.

This flexibility will depend on the kind of work that’s involved. But taking office space as an example, you can create a highly adaptable space by avoiding fixed partitions between each section. With the ability to quickly alter a space, you can transform a standard office into a dynamic presentation room or event space.

Alongside the main structural elements in a design, flexibility can also be achieved through the organisation of technology, including wireless internet and power outlets. By making more spaces capable of supporting different needs, your building fit-out will encourage increased collaboration and performance.

Understand health and safety risks

Throughout the planning of your building fit-out, health and safety concerns should always remain at the top of your priorities. As your design takes shape, many of these concerns will be obvious, while others will require the help of an expert. However, some common examples that you should be aware of are things like the position of air-conditioning units and lighting maintenance.

In conjunction with an expert team like MACS, we can ensure your design follows the latest construction procedures to ensure your building fit-out is safe, modern and compliant.

Minimise downtime

Depending on the nature of your building fit-out, any disruption caused to your overarching business could be minor or severe. Either way, your business needs to understand that some kind of downtime or drop in performance could occur. This can be mitigated by working alongside a highly experienced design and construction team like MACS.

We know what it takes to carry out small and large-scale projects for a diverse range of businesses. Alongside accurate and reasonable timelines, we always communicate clearly with our clients to ensure the work is completed as smoothly as possible. This way, your staff, customers and overall business will experience the least amount of disruption.

Contact the Experts

Since 1974, MACS has been providing building fit-outs for many of Australia’s top commercial, industrial and resource companies. Whether you need a new or refurbished industrial building, showroom or retail space, our expert-led design and construction services are the best in Western Australia.

Having worked on a range of major developments reaching up to $50 million, we have the experience to lead projects of any size. If you’re keen to get your building fit-out in motion, contact our customer service team for a quote regarding your upcoming building’s design and construction.