Specialist Civils and Remediation
Specialist Civils and Remediation


Specialist Civils and Remediation

Concrete Repair
Concrete slabs and structures can spall and crack due cancer or performance issues. Concrete Cancer is when the steel reinforcement rusts or corrodes due to environmental issues or water ingress. There are several ways that MACS can remediate these issues and extend the life of your assets. These repairs include rendering, removal of spalling and treatment of reobar, wet and dry sprayed systems.

Construction Services
MACS’s offers Design and Construct capabilities with expertise in demolition, refurbishment and remediation. Our team will provide bespoke solutions to your requirements at any stage from Early Contractor Involvement to execution of the works.
Our demolition, remediation and hazardous materials removal services allows us to extend the life of your building, upgrade it or restore it back to its heritage.

Facade Refurbishments
Façade refurbishments are required to comply with development approvals and require meticulous attention to detail. These buildings can be occupied at the times of the works and requires high levels of planning with occupants, contractors and the client to ensure the job is performed safely and on time.
MACS’s can perform façade refurbishments, concrete repairs, waterproofing, engineered coatings and a range of heritage restoration services.

Refurbishment and Building Fit Out
MACS have experienced crews that can perform refurbishment and fit-out services to bring your building back to its former glory or repurpose it for another use. Internal and external fit outs can be scoped to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your needs.
Servicing the commercial, retail, education, mining and industrial sectors MACS can manage your requirements with our in-house experienced construction team.

Cladding Replacement
There are many different types of modern cladding options available to extend the life of your asset. Protection against the environment as well as aesthetic appeal can be achieved with the many options available to us today.
Safety, fire proofing, sound proofing and ease of installation are all factors MACS will consider when providing you a bespoke solution for your needs.

Fender Repairs & Upgrades
Jetty Structures, wharfs and waterside load out facilities are logistical critical areas and require preventive maintenance to ensure they continue to perform as intended, Fenders are essential in protecting these structure which may require replacement, repair or upgrade depending on their future use. MACS’s team can perform these works in highly regulated mine sites, refineries and port facilities.

Bridge Maintenance

Bridges, overpasses and suspended access ways are designed to take active loads and high traffic which requires the structure to perform as it was originally intended or upgraded to take an increase in utilisation, weights or frequency.
Remediation or upgrade is a critical part of ensuring these assets continue to perform and MACS can assist with repairs, expansion joints, resurfacing, coatings and strengthening by assessing the deterioration or putting in pace a strategy to extend the life of the asset.

Specialist Civil Services
MACS is a multi-disciplinary services company and can provide a combination of our services to meet your needs. Our One stop shop for civils, remediation, detailed earthworks, concrete repairs, demolition and specialist concrete services allows us to provide you with an integrated cost-effective service.
We self-perform our works with our in-house personnel that are trained and competent on our plant and equipment. MACS have a fleet of earthmoving, demolition and transport equipment together with our drills, saws and specialist concrete cutting and repair equipment.

Facade remediation and recladding services
MACS is a registered builder and demolition contractor combined. We can offer an integrated service to your façade remediation and recladding requirements. From small reclads to major facade remediation projects, our in-house team can assess your requirements and provide a cost-effective solution.
The façade remediation and recladding works can be performed whist we attend to other tasks that extend to the interior and other exterior areas of the building whether empty or still in operation. We can stage the works in order to reduce disruption whilst still performing in a safe manner to meet your schedule. Our proven quality systems and high focus on safety allows us to project manage our in-house personnel together with the specialist electrical and plumbing contractors to deliver the desired outcomes on time and on budget.

Remedial Engineering.

MACS provides engineering advice to our customers in conjunction with our remedial solutions. We can work with your chosen consultants or come to us to help investigate and define your requirements. Structures and buildings can benefit from early intervention and we can work with you on developing strategies and solutions to ensure your assets continue to perform over the test of time.

Preservation of buildings and Heritage Structures
Investigations, testing and condition assessments may be required to ensure your buildings do not deteriorate to a situation they can be utilised or do not comply with certain regulations. Heritage structures are important assets to the community and the management of this buildings needs to be performed in the right way to reduce the total cost of ownership. MACS assist its clients to define issues, strategies and maintenance plans for the valuable buildings and structures.