CSBP Weak Acid Remediation Coating

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Project overview






Repairs and protective coating of bunds


The weak nitric acid bund was suffering from acid corrosion and repairs to the concrete were required to restore the bunds integrity. Following the completion of the repairs to the concrete bund, MACS proposed to apply a protective coating to extend the useful life of the bund and prevent future damage to the concrete. The full Scope of Works included removal of spalling and deteriorated concrete, cleansing of the entire bund area, treat repaired / replace reinforcement where required, form and rebuild the concrete bund as required, remove and replace grouting to the bases of the pipe stands and pump bases and then application of the protective coating system.
Prior to works commencing MACS were required to develop and have approved by the client a Method statement that addressed the difficulties of the project, safety of the work crew, capture and disposal of contaminated scrubbing compound and interface with other crews working in close proximity. Working environment was in a very corrosive area of the plant, maintaining the integrity of the days progress was key, this required the works to be planned considering the interface of other works progressing within proximity and the use of extraction systems.

Our priorities are health and safety excellence, local community engagement and environmental responsibility