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Skilled Labour Hire


Streamline your next construction project by outsourcing your labour hire needs. With MACS having over 40 years of experience in Perth’s building industry, we provide an almost unmatched experience when it comes to working with talented tradespeople across every sector. No matter what kind of job you have coming up, we can identify the best talent for your needs and generate big savings on labour hire costs.

Our Services

  • Civil Trades
  • Boiler Makers
  • Welders
  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Labourers
  • Dogman
  • Riggers
  • Crane Operators
  • Trade Assistance
  • Store and Warehousing Personnel
  • Concrete Sawing and Drilling Technicians
  • Carpenters
  • Concreters
  • Plant Operators
  • Specialist Concrete Repair Technicians
  • Truck Drivers
  • Supervisors
  • Shutdown labourers

The benefits of a trades labour hire service

Skilled labour hire is a smart way of freeing up your company so that it can focus on more pressing issues. MACS’ labour hire service handles the entire recruitment process and provides your business with the following benefits:

  • Handle demand fluctuations

You know better than anyone that the demands of running a business can change quickly. One week you might need 20 workers while the next you may need 50. That’s why having a flexible roster of available staff is always a good thing. Our trades labour hire service provides just that as you can easily scale up and down as you need.

  • Save on costs

Vetting applicants, conducting interviews and testing workers is a costly process. The good news is that our comprehensive labour hire service streamlines this involved process into something quick and affordable. By removing the need for advertising and training, you’ll reduce costs and get to work faster.

  • Identify the best talent

Backed by decades of experience, MACS features a vast network of highly talented labourers to suit any role. Instead of wasting valuable time searching for and assessing workers, we select the best workers for you.

  • Manage time effectively

Spend more time on the things that matter most by outsourcing your labour hire to MACS. We can swiftly find top-notch workers so you can avoid adding unnecessary meetings and training requirements to your already busy schedule.

Top shutdown labour

If you’re dealing with site shutdowns for maintenance, closing or upgrades, MACS can assist with the supplement of much-needed shutdown labour. Our trusted team will take care of this time-consuming work so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Contact us for skilled labour hire and shutdown labour hire

Whether you need a single critical worker, a large-scale workforce or talented shutdown labour, MACS knows just how to help. When you engage with our labour hire service, we always work closely with our clients to ensure they receive a detailed and tailored service that solves their project’s precise needs.

MACS is a proven industry leader in providing reliable and trustworthy workforce services, as we take on the responsibility of sourcing, recruiting and managing your workforce. For skilled labour hire or shutdown labour hire, get in touch with MACS friendly team.

We service clients situated in Port Hedland, Karratha, Newman, Tom Price, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Kwinana and Regional WA.