Concrete Sawing and Drilling
Concrete Sawing and Drilling


Concrete Cutting & Drilling Services


Concrete cutting, sawing and drilling is a complicated task that requires both expert personnel and equipment to complete a high-quality job. Fortunately, MACS offers a variety of municipal, commercial and resource-based clients with everything they need when it comes to concrete cutting services. Across renovations, repairs, remediation, concrete treatment, grouting and demolition, our specialist team works with materials such as bitumen, limestone and brick.

As Perth’s leading concrete cutting specialist, MACS caters to a vast range of clientele including Tier 1, EPCM and civil contractors, as well as processing plants, facilities managers and tradies. Alongside our electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic concrete cutting solutions, our accredited workers also handle same-day jobs, emergency services and strict maintenance contracts.

Some of our concrete cutting services include:

  • Diamond cutting allows us to get at areas with the speed and portability of other sawing methods, while also enabling complete sawing with no overcuts.
  • Hand-sawing and ring sawing – adds an element of speed and portability to construction sites.
  • Subsurface scanning – allows us to scan underground before drilling or cutting concrete so we don’t strike potential hazards such as pipes, conduits and live wires.
  • Grind/Scabbling removes surface defects or prepares a surface to increase bonding for future works.
  • Floor (Road) Sawing – used for expansion joints and the removal of concrete solutions up to 500mm deep.
  • Wall Sawing – cuts up to 900mm depth on flat, horizontal and vertical surfaces including soffits.
  • Wire (Chain) Sawing – ideal for removing large sections of heavily reinforced concrete, such as piers, towers and bridge sections, which might involve oddly shaped sections or unlimited cut depth.
  • Core Drilling – precise circular cuts into vertical, horizontal or inverted concrete structures that can be drilled to any depth or diameter from 1mm to 1m.
  • Inverted Drilling and Sawing – allows us to cut challenging concrete structures that have restricted access from above.
  • Concrete Removal & Disposal– safely remove and dispose of hazardous concrete, while abiding by local environmental regulations and guidelines.
  • Concrete Repair & treatment– assess the most appropriate protective treatment for your concrete structures and floors to enhance performance, longevity and safety standards.

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Get in touch with MACS to find out more about our comprehensive concrete cutting services. We can help with asphalt repairs, concrete slab removal, core drilling, diamond cutting, assess repairs and make recommendations regarding protective treatments. We offer an exceptional level of customer service and pride ourselves on delivering great outcomes. Got questions? Contact us and a friendly member of the team will happily provide further information.

We service Port Hedland, Karratha, Newman, Tom Price, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Kwinana and Regional WA.