Coatings, Treatments and Protection
Coatings, Treatments and Protection


Concrete Structures and Floor Coatings


MACS can help you select the appropriate coating to protect concrete structures and floors. A range of specialised products are available to be applied to improve the performance of your assets as well as protect them and make them safer. Corrosion is a major factor when assessing the total cost of ownership of an asset. A properly selected and applied coating system will reduce the rate of corrosion and its associated costs. MACS have a strong understanding of how a product may be applied and how it will perform in different applications. When investing in protective coatings a specialist contract is essential when it comes to applying products for use in remediation and construction


Coatings, Treatment and Protection Services

Joint Sealing
When ensuring your building or structure is air and watertight the correct Joint Sealer plays a critical function. Whilst it may form a minor part in the construction project the consequences are significant if not done correctly. Heat, Water, Humidity, temperature control, noise and odours are some of the factors a building must control which requires specialist advice to ensure it is done correctly. MACS has a strong expertise in concrete joints and accordingly quality endorsed in this specialist area. Please talk to us about Joint sealing systems, waterproofing systems, linings, water retainment, window and façade sealing and expansion joint replacement.

Acid Protection
Chemical plants and storage facilities are susceptible to surface corrosion and chemical damage requiring specialist coatings to protect their structures and assets.
MACS has many years of experience in the application of chemical proof lining systems and coatings. Depending on your specific requirements we can assist in defining the protection your facility will need.

Basements, Rooftops, carparks and sumps are all but a few of the different applications where Waterproofing is necessary to manage water ingress and egress.
MACS specialises in assisting our customers to define their waterproofing requirements and the application and installation of the bespoke system. Waterproofing membranes, coatings, claddings are just a few all the way to engineered solutions.

Floor coatings and systems
Floor coatings provide protection whilst being able to provide a safer work area that can also look great. MACS can deliver projects in any size from large industrial requirements to smaller food processing applications. Slip preventative coatings, Workshop floor protection, epoxy coatings, sealers and cleaning friendly coatings are just a few ways we help industry manage their floors.

Asbestos & Lead Paint Removal
MACS is a Class 1 Demolition and Asbestos Removal Licensed contractor that can manage and perform your hazardous materials removal safely and in compliance with the regulations that cover this area of work. From air monitoring to containment and disposal MACS can provide you with a cost-effective solution that will meet your particular needs.
Our people are experienced in the removal of asbestos and lead paint in industrial, mining and commercial applications.

Pile Cropping, Cleaning & Protection
Depending on the specific needs of our customers MACS is able to provide advice in regard to cropping, insertion of starter bars, remediation, removal, concrete repair, coatings and strengthening of piles in various infrastructure and building applications.


We service Port Hedland, Karratha, Newman, Tom Price, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Kwinana and Regional WA.