What Goes Into the Design and Construction Process?

October 15, 2020

Design and construction is a complicated process that requires skill and experience to get right. That’s why it should always be handled by a professional team. When it comes to design development, concept planning, plant and labor requirements, budget estimates, pricing schedules, and project management, it pays to go with a team that has a proven track record. Keep reading to find out more about what goes into the design and construction process so you can make the best decisions from day one.

  • Design development and concept planning

The design development phase is important because it’s where all the main ideas are laid out and presented, providing everyone with a clear understanding of the job requirements. Here you will develop the approved concept design and provide documentation to explain key concepts to all parties. This will involve coordinating work of specialist consultants, scheduling and proposing materials and machinery, preliminary meetings with staff, and the relevant authorities.

  • Plant

Plant resourcing relates to the type and number of machines that you will need to complete the job at hand. Basically, if you do not own the required equipment, then renting from a reputable supplier is your best option. Why? Because these companies can support you with high-performing, efficient, and durable machinery so you can complete the required work.

Plant hire services also extend to mechanical support and maintenance. Should a breakdown occur, an expert technician will come out to your site to get everything back up and running again? This means you won’t have to worry about delays impacting budget or getting in the way of deadlines.

  • Labour

Not only do you need to source machinery and equipment, but you also need to account for the workers themselves. This can range from specially-trained operators for excavators and loaders, to skilled and manual labourers that take care of everything else. Labour hire provides for a major advantage in that you can quickly bring on more hands when required, without the need to contract staff for extended periods of time. The costs and time involved in recruiting are also eliminated, as advertising and interviewing of candidates is carried out by a labor-hire company.

  • Budget estimates

Coming in within budget is key to any successful project, that’s why working with a professional team is important. They will be able to provide accurate budget estimates so you can factor in all of the data, ensuring that you understand the cost projections from day one. This means you won’t have to worry about unforeseen expenses adding up over time, and that everything will fit within the agreed budget. Pricing schedules also fall within this idea too, as an experienced team will be across all the important facts and figures relating to purchases and expenses.

  • Project management

Making sure that all aspects of the design and construction process are performed properly falls under the umbrella of project management. Basically, a professional company will take care of everything, from planning and communication within teams to organising for supplies and machinery to be dropped off on time and at the right location. Without sound project management, problems can quickly arise and the process can break down.

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