How modular buildings help reduce environmental impact and improve land management

February 5, 2021

There’s no doubt that the rise of modular construction has transformed how quickly and affordably commercial, industrial and civic organisations can get their buildings up and running. With most companies around Australia now paying close attention to their environmental footprint, highly adaptable modular structures are one of the best ways to undertake construction without harming the world around us.

From government buildings and schools to mining camp accommodation and non-process infrastructure, modular buildings have proven to be remarkably useful for a myriad of purposes. For an expert team that can take your modular construction project to the next level, you don’t have to look anywhere but MACS.

With over 40 years of industry experience, we have what it takes to design and construct a modular building that perfectly suits your needs and keeps your environmental impact to a minimum. Get in touch to receive a detailed quote.

Schools and Civic Buildings

For schools and civic buildings to be suitable for students and workers alike, they need to meet a series of complex requirements. Not only must they be flexible spaces that can be altered to serve different tasks, but these spaces also need to have great build quality and be attractive enough to ensure occupants can focus for long hours. Fortunately, the kinds of modular buildings that MACS design and put in place meet all of these necessities.

But what makes the construction of modular buildings truly stand out compared to permanent structures is just how much better they are in terms of sustainability. As modular buildings are mostly built off-site and then transported to the destination where the final touches are added, research has found that construction waste is reduced by an estimated 40 per cent.

There are other benefits too. Those who attend a school or civic workplace during on-site construction are often exposed to extreme noise, dust and distractions. This can have a significantly negative impact on performance as their day-to-day life is disrupted. However, modular buildings simply don’t encounter these issues as there is minimal on-site construction required to get classrooms and offices completed and ready for use.

With modular buildings having all the benefits of modern permanent structures, including striking designs, high-quality insulation and noise protection, it’s not hard to understand why many local governments, schools and industrial enterprises are switching to modular construction for their infrastructure needs.

Mining Camps and Non-Process Infrastructure

In addition to schools and civic buildings, mining companies can also benefit hugely from modular buildings. With these worksites often located in remote areas across Australia, having a safe and secure place to house your team and control your project is hugely important. However, it’s possible to do so without having an undue impact on the environment thanks to modular construction.

While permanent structures regularly require considerable excavation work to place vital services and install a building’s foundations, a modular alternative already features many of these elements built into the design. There’s also no need to construct concrete footpaths or verandas that will be entirely wasted once the camp is ready to be dismantled or moved to another location. The use of modular buildings means you won’t have to dig up the earth unnecessarily, plus there’s dramatically less waste left behind once the project is completed.

Non-process infrastructure (NPI) can also be far more sustainable when based on a modular methodology. With warehouses, administrative buildings and control rooms requiring substantial construction using traditional building processes, modular construction techniques ensure you can still enjoy outstanding facilities while reducing your environmental impact.

With relatively few fixed materials needed to get your NPI facility up to speed, modular buildings are also remarkably convenient, as they can be quickly adjusted, demounted and transported to a new location. This versatile building method provides your company with the perfect way to design and install a robust facility – whether it’s a temporary or long-term arrangement. Meanwhile, you’ll also discover that your overall costs are lower, productivity is boosted, and your footprint is slashed.

Contact the modular building experts

Make sure you choose an experienced company when it comes to planning and installing your modular buildings. Whether you’re looking to create a modular solution for building schools, civic structures, mobile mining camps or non-process infrastructure, MACS’ talented team knows what it takes to lead your project to success. Having led numerous incredibly effective modular initiatives for a wide range of governmental, blue-chip and commercial clients, you can have complete trust in MACS to surpass your expectations.

Based in Western Australia, we specialise in taking on complex projects that require hands-on guidance from start to finish. With our turnkey solutions perfect for a vast array of circumstances, our comprehensive transport network also makes us a reliable partner when you need your modular buildings to arrive on time and ready to install. Backed by highly trained engineers and workers, we can carry out your modular construction project safely, productively and on budget.

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