Success Primary School Classroom & Shed

Modular Buildings

Project overview


Success Primary School




Installation of classroom and shed


Removal and relocation of existing play equipment, removal and reinstallation (nom) 14L/m of head pavers – 500mm wide for the installation of Pre-Primary Classroom. Include removal/disposal of haunching. Allow to remove 1200mm high fence from west side (front) of existing pre-primary. Fence is to be relocated to sides of existing and new pre-primary’s to make an enclosed area. Supply and install 1 x 16mm three-phase cable. Service to be taken from nearest distribution board located at Learning Centre 1 Block and connected to underside of new building at SWB via new underground conduit and through roof space. Connect sewer to new transportable pre-primary classroom including 3 x pans, 1 x kitchen sink, 1 x SS trough, 2 x hand-basins. Sewer to be connected into the existing sewer.

Our priorities are health and safety excellence, local community engagement and environmental responsibility