Culture And Values


At MACS Australia Group, our core values form the foundation on which we operate and grow.

  • Absolute commitment to safety, quality, and the environment
  • Maintain integrity, transparency, and accountability in all we do
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Flexibility in operations
  • Embrace a culture of continuous improvement
  • Maintain our reputation for integrity and excellence


Our culture begins with our people. Our company culture is a mix of hard work, mutual respect and a strong commitment to our clients and the communities in which we operate.

  • We expect continuous improvement in everything we do. We want to lead, not follow, in our products, projects, services and employee relations
  • Being a small-to-medium company, we are flexible and have the ability to quickly respond to our clients’ needs. Our size means that our clients have access to Senior Management, who in turn is in direct contact with the people undertaking the work
  • We acknowledge change as a constant and cultivate new ideas to leverage the best results for our clients and our business
  • We are committed to giving our best at all levels of our organisation.