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Concrete Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting in Perth

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The team at Maintenance and Construction Services Australia is proud to offer a range of concrete cutting, coring and remedial services to customers throughout Perth and all of Western Australia. Using only the latest range of equipment, handled by experienced technicians and operators, we are able to complete your concrete cutting projects to the highest standards.


Concrete Cutters and Corers with a Wealth of Experience

In the past, your only choice for concrete work was to use a jackhammer to break up the entire slab of concrete or asphalt. More modern techniques like concrete cutting let experts precisely, carefully cut through concrete without causing property damage.

Whether you need general concrete cutting services or concrete core drilling for a reconstruction project, get in touch with Maintenance and Construction Services Australia HSE. Every member of our team has thorough experience and training in concrete work.

In fact, we’ve worked on every type of project property owners in the Perth area have faced, including both large and small jobs. No matter what task you’re working on, you can count on us to offer the right solution from the right team at the right price.  

Our Concrete Core Drilling and Cutting Services

Each of our clients is unique, and so are their projects. We offer several different types of concrete cutting, sawing, drilling and coring so you can always find the service and equipment that matches your requirements. Some of our services include:

  • Chain sawing when you need to access deep or hard-to-reach areas
  • Core drilling when you need a perfectly round hole or sample
  • Floor grooving and sawing for removing concrete and dealing with expansion joints
  • Hand sawing and ring sawing for portability and efficiency
  • Wall sawing for cuts up to 500 mm deep
  • Wire sawing for limited-access concrete with unrestricted cut depth

All of our concrete services are precise and measured, but core drilling in particular is always done with diamond cutting tools that create a small, perfect hole so you can add wires or remove a sample of concrete.

Our Experience

Our team has operated in the Perth area for years. Each technician who works with us has every essential qualification for the job. We commit ourselves to finishing your project on time and as simply and cost-effectively as possible.

Keep reading to learn more about our services, and call us on 08 9439 8000 or submit a query online

concrete cutting

Concrete Cutting & Coring

Recognised across Perth and Western Australia for our full suite of services, our technicians have helped us become a leader in concrete cutting, drilling and other related services. With a specialisation in civil contracts, we focus on marine projects and various demolition projects whereby traditional methods are rendered ineffective.
Our inverted concrete core drilling in Perth

Inverted Core Drilling

Our inverted drilling technic is perfect for when you need to create those precise circular holes, for applications such as adding cabling, piping, ventilation and structural steel. It is also used for a range of practical means such as sampling/analysing the rock or concrete from underneath.
cut and remove

Cut & Remove

For over 40 years, our technicians have provided a trusted concrete sawing solution across Perth, addressing all facets of the industry. As leaders in our field, we've become a provider of all- round solutions for concrete drilling, and sawing, low-impact demolitions,  treatments and repairs. Available 24/7, our services can be called upon state-wide, thanks to our many depots across Perth.
epoxy coating

Epoxy Coatings

We offer a wide range of surface treatments throughout Perth, with each conducted by a qualified professional. We adhere to strictest industry regulations and every treatment is performed according to the specified guidelines.

Epoxy coating is an economical way of restoring concrete surfaces and sealing concrete.

grind scabble

Grind / Scabble

Concrete grinding
For decorative effect, or as part of the preparation process to remove trip hazards, paint, textures, and other surface treatments.
hand saw

Hand Saw

Hand Sawing & Ring Sawing   For efficiency and portability. Able to support large-scale projects, as well as the small jobs, we provide services that are on time, efficient and able to meet each outlined objective.

floor saw

Floor / Wall Saw

Wall Sawing
For up to 500mm deep cuts.

Floor sawing
For expansion joints and grooving and concrete removal.

Are you looking for concrete cutting and coring services in Perth or anywhere in Western Australia? Call 08 9439 8000 today to find out more.

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